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detached villa

without other tenants in the house who would have to be taken into account or who could disturb you ;-)

3 bedrooms

So everyone has their own retreat . Ideal for holidays with children, because they also have their own play area. At the same time, the rest of the family can relax in the living room and enjoy the peace and quiet ;-).

A total of 6 freshly made beds are available ( 2 double beds and 1 bunk bed ). Due to their size, all beds are ideally suited for adults. The bedroom with a double bed upstairs is a typical Dutch mezzanine. As a result, this room does not have full standing height, which children always get very excited about.


If required, cots (travel cots)  be added. Simply select the desired number when booking. The service staff of the park will then provide them in the GREEN VILLA. All 3 bedrooms are north facing so they stay cooler in the summer than other oriented houses.

big garden

Everyone will find a relaxed location here:

Whether on the XXL terrace with high quality  Garden table and 6 comfortable chairs or on the spacious  Lawn area of the approx. 400m2 large area.


There are many ways to relax here!

Panoramic roof terrace

In addition to the garden terrace, the roof terrace with comfortable lounge furniture and a panoramic view offers the opportunity to enjoy the sun from sunrise to sunset  to enjoy. It is also often calmer and more relaxed for parents to watch the children play from a "safe distance" ;-).

With the GREEN VILLA, the combination of roof terrace & exclusive location is special. In the vicinity there are only flatter holiday homes, so that you can enjoy the free 360° panorama  overlooking the nature reserve on one side and  sea view  on the other hand can delight.

Thanks to the real glass elements you can up there  near the beach  Location of the GREEN VILLA sheltered from the wind even on windy days  enjoy. 

free view

During your breakfast on the large garden terrace, watch the deer graze in the directly adjacent nature reserve. When the morning sun is glorious, the day can hardly begin more idyllically. But no matter what the weather is like, you can always enjoy the unobstructed view of nature from the large living and dining area. 

Direct location at the nature reserve

You can't get any closer: the direct neighbor is the 300-hectare Bloemkampen nature reserve . Optimal conditions for starting a round of Nordic walking or for a long walk with or without a dog. And those who like it a little faster will find it ideal for jogging, inline skating and racing cycling.

Cul-de-sac location

... for a good night's sleep in all 3 bedrooms.

optimal orientation to the sun

House and property are optimally aligned to the sun, so that you can enjoy it on the large garden terrace in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon. On the panoramic roof terrace you can also enjoy the wonderful evening sun.

pleasant shade place

The old stock of trees ensures that you can also find a shady spot on the large property if it is too hot for you in the sun. And you often feel even better in the pleasant shade of trees than in the shade of a parasol. Your choice is yours. In addition, the aluminum garden furniture can be positioned easily and flexibly.

more privacy

South: nature reserve  

East: unobstructed plot  

North: dead end  

West: only 1 direct neighboring house (flat design, everything at ground level, different orientation)

light-flooded architecture

A generous glass facade with high ceilings (up to 340cm!!)  and 2 sliding doors lets in plenty of daylight at any time of the year. A unique sense of space! Optimal conditions to read a nice book in the living room armchair and to take a look at nature from time to time.

...and much more

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