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scope of application

1.1 These general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to all offers, reservations and contracts with regard to all accommodation and pitches as well as other facilities rented out by the following EuroParcs resorts (this also includes in particular the parks and campsites of the Droomparken brand). : As users of these General Terms and Conditions, they are collectively referred to below as EuroParcs Resorts and in the respective contractual relationship individually as “landlords”. Additional contractual conditions can be contractually agreed at the contract level of the respective landlord, these are referred to as “parking conditions” for clarification. These additional parking conditions apply, insofar as they have been effectively agreed, in addition to these General Terms and Conditions. In the event of contradictions between these GTC and the additional parking conditions of the respective lessor, the additional parking conditions take precedence over these GTC.

1.2 In these GTC, the term "tenant" refers to the person who enters into an agreement with the landlord for the temporary rental/use of accommodation or a campsite for recreational and holiday purposes. The term "user" refers to those persons who are staying in the accommodation together with the tenant.

1.3 The contract is concluded between the tenant and the respective landlord named in the offer and in the booking confirmation. These terms and conditions apply regardless of whether the renter refers to any of their own terms and conditions or to other terms and conditions. Lessor rejects all Terms and Conditions to which Renter refers or which are used by Renter.

1.4 Agreements that deviate from these GTC must be in text form.

Reservations (booking requests)

2.1 The landlord only processes reservations, ie booking inquiries from people aged 18 and over. Reservations made by persons under this age limit are therefore irrelevant and will not be processed.

2.2 The landlord reserves the right to refuse individual booking requests, particularly but not exclusively from groups or stays that are not intended for recreational and holiday purposes, without giving reasons or to impose special contractual conditions on them.

2.3 By making the reservation, the lessee makes a binding offer to the lessor to conclude the contract. The customer is bound to the offer for 14 days.

2.4 If the lessee is not in possession of a written order confirmation including an invoice within 14 days of making the reservation, the lessee must contact the reservations department immediately, otherwise an appeal to the reservation is excluded.

2.5 The contract between the lessee and the lessor comes into existence at the time when the lessee has received access to the order confirmation. The tenant must check the booking confirmation and the invoice for accuracy immediately after receipt. Any inaccuracies must be reported to the landlord immediately, but in any case within 8 days.

2.6 The contract relates to the rental of accommodation, a pitch or other facilities for recreational and holiday purposes. This use is of a short duration and forms the basis of the contract.

2.7 The customer is informed that there is no right of withdrawal after the conclusion of the contract for all types of booking due to the statutory provision of § 312b Para. 3 No. 6 BGB.

Changes to the contract (transfers)

3.1 If the lessee wishes to make changes to the contract after the contract has been concluded, the lessor is not obliged to agree to these. If a change to the contract is possible and the landlord makes this at the request of the customer, the landlord can charge the costs of the changes in addition to the possibly increased costs of the changed services.


4.1 The lessee and the other users of the rented property are not permitted to use the accommodation or parking space for anyone other than those named in the contract without an express written agreement with the lessor.  

4.2 If the lessee and the lessor have expressly agreed that the original lessee or one or more users will be replaced by substitutes, the lessee shall be jointly and severally liable with the substitutes towards the lessor for the payment of the remaining rent balance, the change costs (see Article 3.1) and any additional costs as a result of the change of tenants or users as well as any cancellation costs.


5.1 The lessee must pay the lessor the agreed rental price as stated in the written booking confirmation/invoice of the reservation.  

5.2 Subsequent price reductions, special offers or voucher redemptions cannot be claimed.

5.3 It is not possible to combine different discounts.

5.4 Discount campaigns do not apply to bookings with a stay longer than three weeks. Promotional terms and conditions apply to all promotions.

additional costs

6.1 The prices include the fee for the use of the rental property including normal energy and water consumption and, if specified in the description, a final cleaning fee. If normal energy and water consumption is not included, but billing is based on consumption, this fact will be pointed out in the landlord's description. All additional ancillary costs (such as heating) and local tourist taxes etc. must be borne by the tenant. These costs are described in the price list. The total amount payable by Renter is referred to as the “Total Price”.


7.1 For all contracts, 30% of the total price is due for payment immediately after receipt of the booking confirmation to the account number given by the landlord. The remaining balance of 70% is payable no later than 6 weeks prior to arrival. In the case of contracts concluded within 6 weeks before arrival, the total price is due for payment immediately after receipt of the booking confirmation.

7.2 If the amounts invoiced to the lessee are not paid on time, the lessee is in default immediately after the payment period has expired. Insofar as the lessor is willing and able to provide the contractual services and the lessee has no statutory or contractual right of offsetting or retention and the lessee is responsible for the default in payment, there is no right to fulfillment of the contract without full payment of the amounts due. In this case, the landlord is entitled to withdraw from the contract after a reminder with a deadline and to charge the tenant with cancellation costs in accordance with Section 12 of these contractual conditions

7.3 The lessor is always entitled to offset due claims against the lessee with payments made by the lessee.

arrival and departure

8.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the rented accommodation can be occupied from 4 p.m. on the agreed arrival date specified in the booking confirmation and the accommodation must be vacated before 10 a.m. on the agreed departure date specified in the booking confirmation.

Unless otherwise agreed individually or in the lessor's parking conditions, it applies to a parking space that the tenant can move into his parking space from 1:00 p.m. on the agreed arrival date specified in the booking confirmation and that the tenant can occupy the parking space on the agreed departure day must be vacated before 12:00 p.m.  

8.2 If the lessee wishes to continue the contract with the lessor for longer than the agreed period and if the lessor agrees to this, the lessor is always entitled to allocate alternative accommodation/pitch without the lessee being entitled to any claims.

8.3 If the use of the accommodation or pitch or other facility ends earlier than the agreed date specified in the reservation confirmation, the tenant has no right to a refund of (part of) the rental price or costs.


9.1 Depending on the accommodation or pitch, the Lessor will allow a maximum of 1 or 2 pets belonging to the Tenant or Users, subject to express agreement. If the tenant or other users would like to bring pets, the tenant must request this directly when making the reservation. If the landlord expressly allows the tenant pets, the landlord can charge the tenant a surcharge. The landlord reserves the right to refuse pets in the park - without giving reasons. In some types of accommodation and in some areas of parks and camps, pets are generally not allowed.

9.2 Pets may not be taken to water bodies, swimming pools, restaurants, covered central facilities and other public facilities in the park, unless otherwise stated on site. Pets must be kept on a leash outside the accommodation. On-site instructions must be followed. Pets are not allowed to bother the other guests.

9.3 A dog basket must be brought along and a dog/cat flea collar that is worn at all times is mandatory.

9.4 If pets are kept in a cage for the entire rental period, this must also be reported when the reservation is made. The landlord can waive the levying of a surcharge.

9.5 Visitors' pets are only allowed with express permission and only against payment, provided that the maximum number of pets is not exceeded.

9.6 When animals enter countries within the EU, they must be in possession of a European-style pet passport (since July 3, 2004). Animals must be vaccinated against rabies and must be identified by microchip or tattoo. It is the renter's responsibility to have the correct pet travel documents required at the destination.

use of accommodation; Liability of the renter and users

10.1 The lessee and the accompanying users are jointly and severally liable for proper use of the accommodation or parking space and the rented items and for their proper behavior both in the area of the rented accommodation or parking space and in the rest of the park area and for proper use of the accommodation or the parking space and the devices located therein.

10.2 Public drunkenness and drug use are not permitted anywhere in the Lessor's parking area.

10.3 In addition, tenants and users are always jointly and severally liable for damage caused by breakage or loss or damage to the inventory or the accommodation. This also applies to incorrect use or improper leaving, including but not limited to excessive soiling of the accommodation or pitch. The tenant or the users must notify the landlord immediately of any damage and replace it immediately on site, unless the tenant can prove that he himself, the users or a member of his company are not at fault for the damage .

10.4 If the lessee or the users or visitors of the lessee or the users cause nuisance of any kind, or if they behave in breach of contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified, the lessor is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect. It is basically harassment or misconduct if other guests in the park or employees of the park qualify this harassment or misconduct as such. If the contract is terminated due to harassment or misconduct, Section 14.3 applies accordingly.

10.5 In all cases where this is necessary in relation to the service provided by the lessor (e.g. cleaning, repair), the lessor is permitted to enter the accommodation without the prior consent of the lessee or user. In such a case, entry can take place without the presence of the tenant or user.

10.6 Charging electric cars is only permitted at the designated charging stations. It is expressly not permitted to charge such vehicles using the property's power supply.

10.7 Smoking is not permitted in the accommodation. If this provision is violated, additional costs for professional cleaning may be charged.


11.1 The landlord is entitled to demand a deposit from the tenant at the beginning of the stay.

11.2 The deposit serves to secure against damage and other contractual or tortious claims of the lessor, which the lessor may incur in the event of non-fulfilment of the existing obligations on the part of the lessee and the users.

11.3 In the event that the deposit is not paid immediately, the landlord is entitled to refuse the tenant or other users access and to refuse use of the accommodation or parking space.

11.4 If the lessee is in arrears with the payment of the deposit, the lessor is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect after a reminder with a deadline.

11.5 The deposit or any remaining amount will be returned after settlement of the claims (damage to the inventory/accommodation or other costs) of the landlord against the tenant or the users. Any further claims for damages are expressly not given up by this repayment.

cancellation costs

12.1 In the event of cancellation of a reservation, cancellation fees must be paid. These amounts are 15% in the event of cancellation up to three months before the day of arrival, 50% between two and three months before the day of arrival, 75% between one and two months before the day of arrival, 90% in the event of cancellation up to one month before the day of arrival and at cancellation on the day of arrival 95% of the total price.

12.2 If the lessee does not arrive within 24 hours of the agreed date without further notification, this will be treated as a withdrawal.

12.3 In any case, the customer is at liberty to prove to the lessor that the lessor suffered no damage at all or that the damage was significantly lower than the lump sum demanded by the lessor.

Force Majeure and Changes; Regulations related to pandemics

13.1 If, due to force majeure, the lessor is unable or temporarily unable to implement the agreement in whole or in part, he shall submit a proposal for a change (for a different accommodation, a different deadline, a different location, etc.).

13.2 Force majeure on the part of the Lessor exists if the execution of the contract is prevented in whole or in part, temporarily or not by circumstances beyond the control of the Lessor, including but not limited to the risk of war, staff strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disturbances or events.

13.3 The lessee is entitled to reject the change proposal. If the lessee rejects the change proposal, the lessee must communicate this rejection (depending on the start date of the rental at the latest) within 14 days of receipt of the change proposal. In this case, the landlord is entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect. The landlord reimburses the tenant for payments already made on the rental price. In addition, the lessor is not obliged to compensate for any damage.

13.4 Special regulations in connection with pandemics (especially the corona virus)

a) The parties agree that the agreed services will always be provided by the respective lessor in compliance with and in accordance with the official specifications and requirements applicable at the respective time of travel.

b) The lessee agrees, also on behalf of the users, to observe appropriate usage regulations or restrictions from EuroParcs and the lessor when using services and to inform the lessor immediately in the event of typical symptoms of illness.


14.1 The landlord is entitled at any time to terminate the contract with immediate effect if, in the case of a reservation, the personal data of the tenant or other users are significantly incomplete or incorrect.

14.2. Termination is also possible from the conditions set out in Section 10.4. stated reasons.

14.3. In the event of termination according to the above agreements, the lessor retains the right to the agreed total price; however, the lessor must allow the value of saved expenses and those benefits that the lessor obtains from occupying the accommodation or the parking space to be taken into account.

Limitation of Liability

15.1 The lessor’s contractual liability for damage that does not result from injury to life, limb or health or the violation of a material obligation, the fulfillment of which is essential for the proper execution of the contract or the violation of which endangers the achievement of the purpose of the contract, is limited to three times the total price,

a) if damage to the customer is not caused intentionally or through gross negligence or

b) insofar as the lessor is responsible for damage incurred by the customer solely due to the fault of a service provider.

15.2. The lessor's tortious liability for damage to property that is not based on intent or gross negligence is limited to three times the total price.

15.3 Otherwise, EuroParcs and the Lessor limit their liability to the manners specified in this Article 15 to the extent permitted by law. The landlord accepts no liability for theft (including theft from bungalow safes and pool lockers), loss of or damage to property or persons of any kind, during or as a result of a stay at one of our parks or the rental/use of the accommodation or The parking space or other facilities of the landlord, unless it is a matter of intent or gross negligence on the part of the landlord or his employees.

15.4 Liability for damage that includes a loss of holiday enjoyment or business interruption and other consequential damage is excluded under all circumstances. Furthermore, the landlord is not liable under any circumstances for damages for which a claim for damages exists on the basis of travel or travel cancellation insurance or any other insurance.

15.5 The Lessor is not liable for disruptions in the service or for defects in services provided by third parties or in items delivered.

15.6 Liability in tort is in any case limited to a maximum of €75,000 in the case of personal injury per guest per stay and liability for property damage is in any case limited to a maximum of €1,500 per tenant/user per Visit.

15.7 Upon first request, the lessee shall indemnify the lessor against all claims in relation to damage by third parties that are caused by actions or omissions of the lessee himself, the users, companions or other third parties who are in the park with the consent of the lessee are.


16.1 Despite the care and effort of the landlord, the tenant may consider that he has a legitimate complaint about the accommodation. The tenant must report this complaint first on site and immediately after its occurrence or discovery to the reception of the park where the accommodation is located. If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the tenant, the tenant must take further steps at the latest within one month after departure from the accommodation, under penalty of forfeiture of any claim.

16.2 Complaints can also be submitted in text form using the form on the website .

Applicable Law

17.1 Dutch law applies to the contract between the lessee and the lessor.

travel documents

18.1 The lessee is responsible for having the valid travel documents required at his destination. The lessor accepts no liability for the consequences of the lessee not having the correct travel documents.


19.1 The landlord always treats all personal data given to him or that has become known to him in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The landlord does not pass on the personal data of the tenants and users to third parties, with the exception of data processing by Europarks in accordance with a contract with EuroParcs. The landlord uses the data himself (and exclusively) to inform you about important news about the park and interesting offers or arrangements.

19.2 At the Lessee's request, the Lessor will correct, supplement, delete or block the Lessee's data in the event that the data is, for example, factually incorrect. This may result in the tenant no longer being able to use the landlord's services or some of the landlord's services. For an explanation of the content referred to in this paragraph and information about your other rights, we refer you to our  Privacy Policy .  

19.3 If the lessee does not attach importance to the sending of interesting information or offers, the lessee should inform the lessor of this by e-mail  or by using the contact form. If you wish to unsubscribe from the electronic newsletter, please use the link at the end of each electronic newsletter.


20.1 Obvious printing and typographical errors are not binding for the landlord.

20.2 EuroParcs and the landlord point out with regard to the law on consumer dispute resolution that neither EuroParcs nor the landlord are currently participating in voluntary consumer dispute resolution. If participation in a consumer dispute resolution facility becomes obligatory for EuroParcs or the landlord after these GTC have been printed, the tenant will be informed of this in a suitable form. For all contracts concluded in electronic legal transactions, reference is made to the European online dispute resolution platform

With these terms and conditions, all previously published rental conditions are superseded.

Download the general terms and conditions as a PDF document:

RECRON terms and conditions


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