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fenced property

We have safety for children & dogs  invested: a 1 meter high fence (optional equipment) protects your loved ones from unplanned trips in the area. Even the outside staircase up to the roof terrace is secured with an additional garden gate.

child-friendly rooms

Children love these rooms: One room on the ground floor has a large stable  Bunk bed (incl. fall protection), which is particularly popular with children. Due to its size and stability, it can also be used comfortably by adults .  


On the upper floor there is a mezzanine, which is like a big cave for children due to the low ceiling height of 1.10m . The large double bed embedded in the floor is very suitable for people of all ages.

game corners

There are small play areas both in the house and in the garden  with toys for your kids. In the house, for example, children's books, a wooden train, wooden building blocks from Kappla and other surprises can be found. In the garden, among other things, a wooden horse is waiting for the next ride. This ensures fun and variety.

socket fuses

In low areas that can be reached by small children, we have the sockets of the GREEN VILLA extra with small child safety devices  fitted.

step stool

For one  To ensure that the children have a secure footing, we have purchased 2 extra step stools, which are available both in the bathroom and in the toilet. 

Safety devices on the stairs

We have installed extra devices to better secure stairs inside and outside. These are not only advantageous for small children but also for furry friends.

Kitchen appliances with increased security

A lot has been thought of with the little ones in mind: the oven and microwave are mounted at a height of 125 cm, which is difficult for small children to reach . The induction cooker integrated in the GREEN VILLA is safer for small children than a gas cooker or a normal ceramic hob, because the surfaces of the induction cooker get significantly less hot .

children's tableware

Of course, plates, wide plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery for children are also part of the kitchen equipment in the GREEN VILLA. So you don't need to worry about that either.

non-swimmer friendly

On the property of the GREEN VILLA is located in terms of safety of small children  no pond, stream or other body of water. This also ensures that there are fewer mosquitoes ;-)

baby monitor range

Due to the ideal location of the GREEN VILLA , you still have good baby monitor reception in many beautiful areas of the park (beach, marina, beach bar, etc.), because the proximity of the GREEN VILLA to the beach also has a positive effect here:  

While parents and grandparents are enjoying themselves in the beach restaurant, you can relax and listen to the little ones snoozing. And should a child contact you, you'll be back at the GREEN VILLA in 1-2 minutes.

safe electric fireplace

Feel free to enjoy the warmth and appearance of a fireplace and at the same time not have to worry about the little ones burning their fingers. This is possible with the electric fireplace of the GREEN VILLA.

Cul-de-sac location

The narrow, tarred road is hardly ever used by cars, and if they do, then only at walking pace . Therefore, one often sees children here who conquer this cul-de-sac for themselves, for example to ride scooters or play badminton.

children's programs

In addition to the diverse range of analogue entertainment for children, there is of course also the option of being entertained in digital form. Some children's channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc. can be received in the GREEN VILLA. In addition, ARD and ZDF offer child-friendly and high-quality programs. These can also be called up in the media libraries of the two broadcasters at any time.


Streaming movies is also possible thanks to the smart TV and the fast internet connection (cable TV). Apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ etc. are already pre-installed and are available for registration via your own account. 

smoke detector

Since it is a new building, the latest generation of smoke detectors have been installed.

High chair, cot, playpen, buggy & Co

For the GREEN VILLA you can register as an optional additional service  Rent children's equipment  (for a very reasonable rental fee of only €5.50 per stay). Just let us know what you need when booking. The holiday park will then provide you with this in the GREEN VILLA.  Buggies can be rented directly in the lobby.

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...and much more

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