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We put a lot of effort into furnishing the GREEN VILLA and want future guests to feel just as comfortable as we do! We therefore ask you to return to our holiday home to leave like thisas you found it


Damages have to be reported in written form at the latest on the day of departure (e-mail lobby + e-mail owner). Then an attempt is made to repair the damage as inexpensively as possible on a cost price basis. In addition, settlement via the insurance company can be attempted.


Note: The cleaning staff carries out a thorough final inspection after each check-out. If new damage is discovered during this process that was not previously reported, steps will be taken accordingly at the expense of the previous guest in full. The costs and fees for this subsequent damage settlement are then considerably higher. Under certain circumstances, treatment as damage to property may even be considered.

Of course non of the items of the GREEN VILLA are allowed to be taken away. The entire inventory (including spoons, cups, glasses, etc.) is our personal property. The entrainment will be therefore treated as theft.


If additional cleaning should be required, we will have to charge the additional costs.

Therefore, you shouldn´t forget the following points. Everything is okay, if you can answer reply every question with "Yes" (please click). This also serves the purpose of sustainability.

Check Out
Bathroom/WC: all 3 cosmetic bins emptied?
Kitchen: large waste bin emptied?
Kitchen: Capsule container in the coffee machine emptied?
Waste glass disposed of?
Paper waste disposed?
Deposit bottles returned / packed?


> 3 hours before departure: Dishwasher switched on?
Dishwasher cleared out? Dishes and cutlery put back clean and dry into the cupboards?
Breadbox emptied + cleaned?
Heating set to 14 degrees? (Attention: Not in operating mode "cooling"!!!)
All socket switches turned off (in kitchen and living room)?
Kids' toys put back in the cupboards?
Bed linen taken off and put on the floor in the entrance area?
Park towels (if booked) placed in the entrance area?
Everything checked for new damages?
If available: new damages reported by email?
All windows and doors closed?
Curtains open (in spring, autumn and winter)? Curtains closed (in summer)?
All lights switched off?


Grill and barbecue accessories cleaned?
Smokers: Ashtray cleaned?
Dog owners: no dog excrement in the garden?
Roof terrace: Seat cushions put back dry in the cushion box?
Roof terrace: Support box locked?
Storage room: own items taken out?
Parasol placed in the storage room? (Parasol only without the stand, in upright position, do not lay it down on the floor).
Storage room: Door locked?
Front door locked?
Key returned to the lobby by 10 a.m.? *

*if you want to leave before the day of departure and the lobby is closed at that time, you can drop the keys in the lobby mailbox provided for this purpose.

Thank you very much!

We wish you a safe journey home!

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